jeudi 3 mai 2018

The Centaurs (1921, Rialto Productions)

The Centaurs (partially lost footage from unfinished Winsor McCay animated short; 1918-1921)

Winsor McCay was animation's first true innovator. His shorts, including How a Mosquito Operates and Gertie The Dinosaur, helped innovate animation technique. His detailed style and passion inspired future animators as Tex Avery, Otto Messmer, and Walt Disney.
In 1947, a collection of unfinished/unreleased works by McCay were found to be in the possession of long-time collaborator Irving Mendelsohn, who received them years earlier by McCay's son Robert. Unfortunately, the films had not been stored well and deteriorated by the time. When they were rediscovered, several portions of the reels had decomposed completely. Among the unreleased and partially destroyed material was 90 seconds of footage from McCay's (now well-known) production, The Centaurs, a fragment showing animated centaurs wandering through a live-action forest.

Change Before Going Productions

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